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115,613 results

Yuzuriha no Uta -Inouryoku Soshiki Hanzai Taisaku Bu: Tokushu Kidoutai Dai Ni Ka-

Dec 22, 2023
Perhaps around the time that humanity experienced the second world war, humans with supernatural powers and strange appearances began to be observed in various parts of the world, and eventually their powers and characteristics became known as "supernatural abilities.'' Humanity was initially sympathetic to the "persons with extraordinary abilities,'' but as their numbers increased, they eventually began to fear their powers, shunned them, and began to reject them. In response to the chaotic domestic situation, the Japanese government creates a new security organization called the Special Riot Police Force, which includes both humans and people with supernatural powers. Ayato Kashiwabi, who has been assigned as the commander of the newly created Special Riot Police Division 2, works with his members to maintain public order. A few years after the establishment of the Special Riot Police Force, the crime rate had decreased due to the efforts of its members, and domestic security remained at a lull. However, after a certain incident, organized crime by people with supernatural powers increased, and in proportion to this, people's anxiety and voices criticizing the government rapidly increased. Eventually, they become engulfed in a big conspiracy that involves the whole country... The conflict between humans and people with supernatural powers has broken out again, the military is working to suppress the conflict, and the main characters and special riot police are dispatched to suppress the conflict. In a critical situation where various forces are mixed up, what will be seen when the justice and suffering of each intersect...?
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